Traffic control

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Electric substations

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Smart cities

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Renewable energies

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We support industries by providing Ethernet communications infrastructure, allowing our customers to have better results. The connectivity of machinery, tapes, robots, control center, CCTV, etc., today is already a necessity for a highly integrated final process and maximum product quality.


The world is moving towards a safer environment. The development of new cameras and more powerful analysis and detection software require secure communications that guarantee the functioning of the systems. Options such as PoE, remote management or the possibility of working in hostile environments are necessary for this market segment.

Traffic control

The cities with more and more vehicles, and in a short time these will be completely autonomous. Traffic management through traffic lights, cameras, radars, car counts…, becomes a priority for municipalities, which want to provide citizens with expert solutions that increase their satisfaction on the move.


The demand for energy is growing, and the need to manage electrical substations more efficiently has also increased. The security of these areas and the remote control of installations is a necessity for which KTI has specific equipment, providing solutions of maximum confidence.

Smart Cities

Without a doubt, smart cities are a future that is already here, and KTI has the equipment to make connectivity within cities work by increasing energy efficiency and improving the well-being of their inhabitants. Our partners design and implement solutions to coordinate traffic, lighting, communications, and security so that the result is satisfactory for society.

Renewable energies

The share of renewable energies in total production is growing. Wind farms and solar farms must be managed and protected efficiently and with total guarantee of operation so that they can inject their production into the electrical system at the time when it is necessary. Meteorological conditions of humidity and temperature are not a problem for the industrial range of KTI equipment.


The leading railway companies in Spain, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Japan rely on our solutions, both on board and ashore. It is easy to find that the communication systems, information screens, alarm and security systems, passenger information, public address systems, advertising supports…, are managed with KTI equipment.

Smart Transport

The technology applied to make life easier for users and companies is also applied to transport, where KTI has a range of solutions for boarding vehicles, which allow for the management of video cameras, displays, alarms, ticket readers, etc., providing a very advanced, comfortable and reliable technological environment.

IoT – Internet of things

Interconnectivity has already arrived at things, which are expected to be connected and communicating with the rest of our digital world. IoT is the expression that brings together this revolution, for which KTI can generate the communications infrastructure necessary for the new generation of devices and people to get the most out of this new environment.