KTI Networks

Katron Technologies Inc. (KTI) a pioneer in the world of Networking.


KTI has been marketing network products under its brand worldwide since 1983. Besides, it offers customized design and production services for special applications and projects at the customer’s request.


In network application solutions for commercial environments, KTI has never forgotten its role as a supplier of office network equipment and other non-industrial applications.


In the industrial field, the possibilities multiply and make it possible to participate in truly complex and exciting projects, always with the highest quality and reliability.

Our categories

KTI has developed a complete series of networking products to meet market demand. These products are grouped into three categories: switches, converters, and other office networking solutions.

Customer support

It is a priority for KTI Networks to support its customers: We do this by providing documentation, attending meetings to support the sale, personalized communication, minimum response time and all with a big smile.

Global solutions

Thanks to standardization and standardization of protocols, KTI Networks equipment is marketed worldwide and can be successfully incorporated into existing networks of other manufacturers.

Assured quality

The most outstanding feature of KTI equipment is that it undergoes 7 strict quality processes, which guarantees a reliability rate of 99.75% which, together with very high MTBFs, allows maximum performance and operation of your devices.

Product diversity

KTI Networks has a wide variety of products to reach more customers, offering simple solutions to complex problems, for friendly or aggressive environments.

Preliminary advice

KTI Networks provides advice to the entire distribution channel, providing the necessary knowledge for the client to find the solution that best suits him in each case.