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KTI Values

KTI promotes as fundamental value respect among people, loyalty in business and seriousness in their way of acting.

Environmental responsibility

KTI optimizes the resources used and tries to minimize the environmental impact, complying rigorously with all current regulations.


KTI is committed to the quality of its equipment, which is the key to generating confidence in its customers. In this way, we are present in emblematic and critical projects all over the world.


The development of society is only possible if those who can, help those who need it. KTI has a program of solidarity with the most disadvantaged in society.

Synonym of quality

KTI Commitment

Develop new technologies and apply them to quality products that satisfy the most demanding needs, always maintaining a high standard of attention and service that guarantees the success of our clients.

Constant innovation

R+D with outstanding results

KTI advises each partner by offering specific solutions:

– Versatility and adaptation of solutions.

– Equipment design according to customer specifications.
– Collaboration with customer R&D departments.

KTI Networks

Networking specialist

The trend in information technologies towards a hyperconnected world is always passing through Ethernet connectivity, on which KTI has been working since 1983 with remarkable results.

Whether we are talking about IoT, industrial automation, energy efficiency, Smart cities, transport or security: there is always a need for a network to interconnect sensors, cameras, and other devices.

Scalability and  management

KTI offers a variety of switches solutions and modular, managed media conversion systems with a variety of options to choose from so that operators or network center offices can meet different scales and application requirements.

Support for industrial applications

To meet diverse industrial requirements and environments, KTI also provides fiber solutions for industrial applications. They come with durable housings, DIN rail mounting, industrial power interface, increased operating temperature capability and improved EMI / EMS performance.

Variety of media conversions

KTI provides independent media converters for copper-fiber conversions at different speeds, as well as Serial and Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet protocol conversions.

Broad support for fiber options

To meet the demands of fiber connections, KTI offers a wide selection of fiber transceivers that are available in various distances, connectors including ST, SC, MT-RJ, VF-45, Bi-Di WDM, CWDM, mini-GBIC and transmission modes, multimode single mode.